Roots & Tides

My original photos and reminders that Earth is pretty much an all right place

California, 2014

Patagonia, 2013

California, 2014

Anonymous said: what did you prefer, kenya or tanzania?

oh man that’s tough…I spent about 2 months in each, so from that kind of short amount of time I think I’d say Tanzania…not really for any reason in particular though, just more of an overall feeling at the end I guess.

California, 2014

frolicwiththedaleks said: Thanks for the follow! Your photography is absolutely stunning, and all of your adventure shots are totally inspirational.

thank you thank you, I really appreciate it!

hahaemily said: Your blog is perfection! Are you a Maryland native too?

Yeah! Maryland born and raised, I miss it!

Kenya, 2011

fvndamental said: Your blog is perfect haha

thanks, you’re a saint haha. And yours is one of my favorites too!

gifted-underachiever said: Fuckin love your blog man. You know they say the Earth is like a book and those who do not travel only read one page. So I think it's pretty neat that you get to travel and see all of the Earths immaculate beauty. Keep traveling, and keep reading

thank you thank you, those are some awesome words to live by!